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 The Royal Thai Government has introduced another step to attract talents and technologies with a view to further develop its targeted industries or the so called S-Curve industries. The SMART Visa program has then been designed to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness in drawing science and technology experts, senior executives, investors and startups.  The program is launched on February 1, 2018.


What is SMART Visa?


The SMART Visa will encourage foreign talents and investors to invest in the 10 targeted industries of Thailand. It is hoped that the scheme will enhance knowledge transfer and increase the competitiveness of Thailand in the global economy.


The SMART Visa is a new type of visa specially designed to encourage highly-skilled professionals and talents to work or invest in the 10 targeted S-Curve industries, namely

(1) next-generation automotive,

(2) smart electronics,

(3) affluent, medical and wellness tourism,

(4) agriculture and biotechnology,

(5) food for the future,

(6) Automation and robotics,

(7) aviation and logistics,

(8) biofuels and biochemicals,

(9) digital,

(10) medical hub.




The SMART Visa provides more benefits and privileges than any other types of visa. These benefits include:

 (1) Visa validity up to 4 years (instead of the usual 1 year)

(2) No requirement of work permit

(3) Extension of reporting of stay to Immigration Bureau – from every 90-day to every year

(4) The right of legal dependents (spouse and children) of the SMART Visa holder to live and work in Thailand equivalent to SMART visa holder (only SMART T type allows dependents of SMART Visa holder to work in Thailand)


Categories of Visa

Visa Type





Highly-Skilled Experts (Talents)




Senior executives


Startup entrepreneurs


Spouse and Children of SMART Visa holders


 How to apply


Both foreigners residing outside Thailand and foreigners already residing in Thailand can also apply for the change of visa type to SMART visa if qualified.

As the first step, applicants must obtain a qualification endorsement letter from the SMART Visa Unit (under Thailand Board of Investment: BOI) located at the One-Stop Center for Visas and Work Permits.

Qualification endorsement applications can be lodged at the One-Stop Center for Visas and Work Permits or at the Thai Embassies including the Royal Thai Embassy in Brasilia.


To apply SMART Visa screening at the Royal Thai Embassy, the applicants need to

1    Fill in SMART Visa Qualification Endorsement Application by going to   Fill in application and print out the application.

2  Submit regular visa application (1) SMART Visa Qualification Endorsement Application (2) and other required documents online to the Embassy

3  List of required documents for each type of SMART Visa indicated below

4  Royal Thai Embassy will forward the SMART visa application and other required documents back to Bangkok for screening and endorsement.

5   The SMART Visa unit, under BOI, will issue a letter of qualification endorsement, which will be valid for 60 days.

6  After receiving endorsement notification from the Embassy, applicants need to bring passport to apply for SMART Visa at the Embassy. Also, the applicant needs to sign the Criteria and Conditions Acknowledgement Form for the Temporary Stay Permit in the Kingdom (STM 6) at the Embassy.

7   The Application fee for SMART visa is R$1000 (One Thousand Reais) per one year. Applicants can apply for a maximum period of 4 years depending on the period of endorsement by BOI.

8  The whole process will take around 30 working days


SMART Visa Extension Procedures

 Holders of SMART visa must apply for a renewal of qualification endorsement at least 90 days before its expiry.

 Reporting Requirement   

  SMART Visa holders must submit documents stating their current status to the SMART Visa Unit@One-StopCenter for Visas and Work Permits on a yearly basis (after receiving permission to stay in Thailand).


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (SMART VISA Acknowledge Form.pdf)SMART VISA Acknowledge FormSMART VISA Acknowledge Form62 kB
Download this file (SMART VISA Required Documents.pdf)SMART VISA Required DocumentsSMART VISA Required Documents264 kB


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