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Muay Thai

From the Ayutthaya Period onward, Muay Thai or Thai-style boxing has been a popular bare-fisted fight closely associated with entertainment and competition, across the land.

In the reign of King Rama IV (1851-1868 AD), Thai males with prowess in boxing were recruited as the King’s bodyguards into the Boxing Regiment. Boxers in the service of the King were dispatched to teach boxing in various parts of the country, in preparation of boxing tournaments on occasion such as royally-sponsored ordinations and to entertain visiting dignitaries.

To uphold traditional Thai martial arts, Muay Thai is integrated into school curricula, particularly in programmes for physical education instructors and of the Chula Chom Klao Royal Military Academy. Present-day Thai-style boxing takes place inside boxing ring, in accordance with international rules and practices, including the use of padded gloves instead of fighting with bandaged fists.
Internationally known by its proper name of Muay Thai, it has become popular throughout the world owing to its forceful of martial arts. It is practice widely abroad, including Brazil, as a variant of fitness training.



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