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ASEAN Food and Cultural Festival 2019 in Brasilia

   On 22 June 2019, the Royal Thai Embassy in Brasilia, in collaboration with ASEAN Committee in Brasilia consisting of the Embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam, organized ASEAN Food and Cultural Festival 2019 at the Embassy of Indonesia in Brasilia.

The event consisted of cultural shows, ASEAN quiz and booths in which each Member State promoted its food, tourism and products. For Thailand, Thai food such as Pad Thai, food ingredients as well as souvenirs were on sale. Muay Thai from the Confederação Brasileira de Muaythai Tradicional was demonstrated during cultural show. Both the Thai products and Muay Thai show were very well received by the public, especially Thai food with many people waiting in line to try some.                              
ASEAN Food and Cultural Festival 2019 was a big success with 1,502 people attending the event. The Festival raised awareness on ASEAN and created positive image towards ASEAN among the public in Brasilia and reflecting the multicultural dimension of ASEAN. The Festival also marks  ASEAN Cultural Year 2019, which is Thailand’s initiative during its ASEAN Chairmanship this year.  


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