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Legalization of Documents

For Brazilian document in Portuguese to be used in Thailand, the Royal Thai Embassy only provides legalization service for the document that has been legalized by the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations i.e. the document or a copy of the document must have the Ministry's original legalization stamp.


Therefore, normally, the legalization process before sending the document to the Embassy is as follows:

1. Authenticate the true signature on the document at Brazilian notaries public

2. Translate the document into English by a public sworn translator (Tradutor Público e Intérprete Comercial - TPIC)

3. Authenticate the true signature of the public sworn translator on the translated document at Brazilian notaries public

4. Send the translated document to legalize at Brazilian Ministry of External Relations (Itamaraty). In case of legalization of a copy of the translated document, the copy must be certified true copy from notaries public before being sent to the Ministry.

5. Send the document with original Ministry of External Relation’s stamp to the Embassy for legalization.


- For further information on Ministry of External Relations of Brazil legalization service please visit


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